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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


support of the private sector for corridor development and management policies and



As the figure below illustrates, there are various entities and involved in

managing, promoting, and providing support for the corridor. As the initiator of the Silk Road,

UNWTO leads the efforts, provides a platform for coordination and alliance building as well as

fundraising for the corridor. Other UN agencies, such as UNESCO and UNDP, provide support

for the various Silk Road initiatives. The Silk Road Task Force, which includes representatives

from the National Tourism Organizations and tourism businesses of Silk Road countries,

formulate strategies and prescribe actions while Silk Road member countries bodies

collaborate on Silk Road activities as well as implement the local action plans and strategies.


Figure 23: Silk Road Governance Structure

Source: UNWTO (2014)

The Umayyad Route, which is coordinated by the Spanish Foundation for the Legacy of Al-

Andalus, was developed as a public-private partnership. The entities involved in its

development in Europe included the Andalusia Council Chambers of Commerce and the

European Association for the Professional and Cultural Development from Spain, the Algarve

Tourism Board, and the Regional Direction of Culture of Algarve from Portugal, and

the Medieval Castles and Boroughs Circuit of Association from Italy.


In the OIC countries, the entities involved in the Umayyad Route are the Italian-Tunisian

Chamber of Commerce and the Association Mediterranean Liaisons from Tunisia, the Safadi

Foundation, the Urban Planning Institute, Municipality of Jbeil-Byblos, and Lebanese American

University from Lebanon, the Cultural Technologies for Heritage and Conservation from

Jordan, the International Development Co. AID-ME and the Federation of Egyptian Chambers

of Commerce from Egypt, and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific




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