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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


Research seems to be lagging behind in the case of the OIC MDTCs, with the exception of

corridors supported by international or regional organizations. In general, tourist arrivals for

corridor countries is collected by countries and can be gathered through the use of national

and UNWTO platforms. In the case of the Silk Road, UNWTO provided support for the research

and analysis of travel trends for the Silk Road. In 2015, the TripAdvisor, an affiliate member of

UNWTO, prepared a Travel Trends Guide for the Silk Road based on researching Silk Road

countries on the travel website. UNWTO also launched the Uzbekistan Tourism Insight report

in cooperation with Uzbektourism and Monash University based on data collected by tourism

students, which showed that 81% of tourists were interested in Uzbekistan due to its

connection with the Silk Road.


Infrastructure Assessment

In terms of enabling infrastructure essential for establishing MDTCs, specifically road and

transport networks, existing transport infrastructure networks among the OIC countries are

relatively weak. Many OIC countries, with limited financial resources, face constraints in

investing in infrastructure and transport networks. As investments in the service sector in

developing countries are considered high risk, financing for tourism projects is proving quite

difficult for poorer OIC countries.


Railway transport can facilitate tourism by improving mobility. In 2016, the OIC countries' rail

network density per million people was 68.8 km of total rail lines, a decrease from 74.3 km in

2006. This is markedly less than non-OIC developing countries (111.7 km) and the world

average (160.2 km) in 2016. The number of air passengers in the OIC countries was estimated

at 517 million in 2016, representing 14% of the world total air passengers, which constitutes

478% from 2002.


Figure 21: OIC Countries Rail and Trail Connectivity

Source: SESRIC (2018)


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