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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


routes, including the Route of Towns with Napoleonic Heritage (Destination Napoleon), the

Iron Route in the Pyrenees, the Viking Routes and the Transromanica Route. To become

certified, routes have to cooperate in areas of research and development as well as promote

European heritage and cultural tourism in a way that ensures accessibility and respect to local

and regional identities.


A number of the Council of Europe certified routes extend beyond the European continent. The

Routes of the Legacy of Al-Andalus, certified in 1997, celebrate the Spanish-Muslim civilization

across many countries in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Latin America. The

Phoenicians’ Route, certified in 2005, connects nautical trade routes used by the Phoenicians,

dating to the 12th century BC. The route goes through all Mediterranean countries, including a

number of North African andMiddle Eastern countries. Destination Napoleon, certified in 2015,

covers sites of Napoleonic history from birth of Napoleon Bonaparte’s till the defeat of

Napoleon III in 1870; it extends through 13 countries, from Portugal to Russia.


Figure 7: Council of Europe Certified Routes

Source: Council of Europe (2018)


Council of Europe. 2019. Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe 2019.