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Education of Disadvantaged Children in OIC:

The Key to Escape from Poverty


Madaris School Project

. The NCHD established 100 Feeder Schools in Madaris as a pilot project

with allocation of madrassas schools in the Federal Areas of Pakistan (FATA) (25%), Gilgit

Baltistant(15%), AJ&K (20%), Islamabad Capital Territory (40%).


(1) To bring about quantitative/qualitative improvement in students in Deeni Madrassas

to enable them to attain standards of National Education System, (2) To encourage Madrassas to

introduce science, maths, social studies and English in their curriculum

School selection.

Madaris Feeder schools are established at locations where at least 20-30

children are available and do not have access to primary education. The management and

community of the Madrasa agree to provide the services of a teacher within Madrasa or from the

nearby community. The management and community agree to allocate the appropriate time for

primary education for the children.

Implementation strategy:

(1) meeting with all stakeholders (2) formation of steering

committees (3) identification and enrolment of the students (4) teachers’ interview and

appointment (5) induction training of teachers for 5 days and refresher course every year (6)

school supplies/material distribution (7) inspection/monitoring of schools (8) periodic

assessment of students (9) linking Madaris Feeder Schools with Formal Government Schools (10)

recording and reporting.


included (but not limited to): capacity building of 100 volunteer Madaris Teachers on

pedagogical techniques; capacity building of 100 Muhtamim/Nazim/presidents of Madaris on the

mainstreaming of this form of education with the prevailing District Education Department;

capacity building of 100 Muhtamim/presidents of Madaris on the sustainability of the programme

in Madrassas through the resources and philanthropy of the local community; developing an

effective education management system for maintaining the records of students and to help in

calculations of annual GER and NER permitting informed decision making; enhance the learning

outcomes of students to ensure quality education in the 100 Madaris. reduce drop-out of students.