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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


articles from various relevant sources. The website is completed also connected to active social

media accounts.


The “Mekong Moments” platform allows tourists to share visual content and experiences along

the GMS corridor countries using specific hashtags for their social media posts, which are then

collected, curated, and filtered on the Mekong Moments platform. These experiences are

presented in the form of a searchable interactive map that currently contains over 10,000

experiences packaged with corresponding social media content and/or campaigns. The

“Mekong Mini Movie Festival,” which won the HSMAI Adrian Gold Award as best digital tourism

campaign in 2018, represents another successful promotional initiative of the Greater Mekong

Subregion corridor. It is the result of a competition that brought in over 500 video submissions,

which reached over 22 million people globally.


Best practice examples show the continued use of traditional methods, such as familiarization

trips and events, is increasingly being supplemented with digital methods in the promotion of

MDTCs. Websites are used in many instances as a tool to convey the narrative as well as

promote MDTCs. The GMS TC “Mekong Moments” platform presents a good example of

benefiting from storytelling and user-generated content in the promotion of a corridor.


Global Tourism Corridor - Lessons Learned

Area Lessons Learned


TC Planning & Development

Demand Analysis


Researching tourism trends and current

tourists’ profiles for destinations along the

TC, the size and nature of the domestic

markets as well as comparing the potential

corridor with other similar initiatives.

The Iron Curtain Trail TC prepared a

demand estimate based on a model that

uses bed density and day trips based on

population density and the national share of

cycling as the primary transport mode.

Infrastructure Assessment:

Assessing the enabling infrastructure from

in terms of transport networks along the

various nodes of the TC, whether road or

railway networks, as well as air


The Greater Mekong Subregion TC study

reviewed the infrastructure along the nodes

of the corridor and transportation networks

to identify ports and landings along the

river that needed improvement.

Social Value Assessment


Engaging stakeholders in early phase of

development to increase awareness and

ensure their support of the TC as well as

ensure that plans provide added values to


The Wadden Sea TC conducted research to

explore potential local communities’

opposition to new conservation regulations

associated with the corridor and weak

collaboration between tourism businesses

in the proposed corridor area

Theme Formulation:

Research with the aid of experts from





perspectives and thorough assessment of

the tourism assets.

Prehistoric Rock Art Trails setting criteria

for the evaluation of the quality of rock art

sites to be included in the route as well as

providing a certification guide for Rock Art



Please refer to the Greater Mekong Subregion tourism corridor case study for references and more details.