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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


storytelling, there’s a need to choose the stories that suit the brand narrative and engage

emotions and amplify them.


Figure 18: Most Active Storytellers

Source: TRAVELSAT Pulse 2018

The Greater Mekong Subregion TC “Mekong Moments” platform presents a strong example in

harnessing the power of storytelling. It aggregates, curates, and filters social media posts by

tourists visiting the corridor and shares these posts on the platform in the form of a searchable

interactive map currently containing over 10,000 experiences packaged with corresponding

social media content and/or campaigns.


Best Practices in Promotion

While both traditional and digital tools are used for the promotion of MDTCs, Big Data and

social media are increasingly being used to customize marketing messages to targeted tourist

segments. Based on their segmentation, MDTCs management needs to engage with the media

channels relevant to the tourist segments they seek to target and provide continuous updates

and relevant stories. MDTC management can also collaborate with the marketing

communications departments of their stakeholders, including NGOs, associations, special

interest groups, to promote the corridor.


Familiarization trips remain an important traditional tool used by MDTCs, whether through

inviting journalists, bloggers, or tour operators. The St. Olav Ways invited three American and

three British journalists to experience the route. This led to the publishing of blog entries as

well as several articles in various outlets, including The Telegraph, The Guardian and The

Financial Times. These articles were estimated to have reached around 50 million readers.


The Council of Europe and the European Commission Joint Program on Cultural Routes have

organized a series of familiarization trips for bloggers, photographers, and videographers to

experience a number of certified Cultural Routes across Europe. These trips covered Megalithic

Routes, the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns and Via Francigena in 2014 followed


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