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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


their own logos to promote the Silk Road in their destinations. In Uzbekistan, the company, Silk

Road Destinations, which organizes Silk Road tours for Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan,

and Kyrgyzstan, has created its own logo.


Figure 27: The Silk Road Programme Logo

The Umayyad Route, which is supported by the Council of Europe in the context of Legacy of

al-Andalus Route, presents a good example of branding. The route has its distinct logo, which,

as mandated by the “visibility charter” of the Council of Europe, is used in all communications.

The route has also created its own narrative and produced a documentary for the TC to

facilitate storytelling. In the case of the Umayyad Route, the Jordanian partner for the Umayyad

Route, the NGO Cultural Technologies for Heritage and Conservation, analyzed the Umayyad

cultural heritage to tie it to the sites and highlight their significance.


In Lebanon, the training

provided to tour guides included storytelling elements from the Umayyad heritage to the

significance of the attractions to the theme.


Figure 28: The Umayyad Route Logo

In the case of the Holy Family TC, while the Pope visiting to the Holy Family TC sites in Egypt

helped highlight the significance of the corridor, there were no concerted efforts to use the visit

to reinforce the narrative of the corridor beyond the visit. As both Egypt and Jordan seem to be

on the road to formalizing the corridor, branding is of utmost importance at this stage.



The OIC MDTCs have used a variety of tools for promotion, including advertising, holding

events, and creating their own websites. In the case of the Silk Road, UNWTO has led the

promotion effort with its support for Silk Road documentaries and sponsoring participation of

corridor member countries in travel fairs. Several Silk Road documentaries were produced,


Please Refer to the Silk Road Case Study for details and references.




Umayyad Route 8


Bulletin available from the Umayyad Route Website.


Please refer to the Holy Corridor case study for more details.