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Sustainable Destination Management

Strategies in the OIC Member Countries


Figure 33: GMS Tourism Cooperation Strategic Framework312

Source: Mekong Tourism (2019)


Most of the strategies in the framework are guidelines for the partner governments in

their development of the tourism sector. The main strategies, the MTCO supports

actively are as follows:

Human Resource Development: The MTCO conducts capacity building activities in the form

of industry training and presentations.

Improve tourism infrastructure: The MTCO has a startup program called Mekong

Innovative Startups in Tourism (MIST) to support entrepreneurship in the region and also

enhance social and environmental impact.

Enhance Visitor Experiences & Services: The Experience Mekong Collection has been

created to build a network of socially responsible companies in the region and provide

them with services and knowledge exchange. This program, which already has over 350

members, is currently being enhanced.

Creative Marketing and Promotion: The MTCO launched the Mekong Moments portal to

allow for collaborative marketing and entice any business in the region to run social media

contests through the porta. The MTCO is running their own campaigns, such as the Mekong

Mini Movie Festival on this portal. In addition, the MTCO manages multiple social media

channels to promote the region and its initiatives.

Facilitate Regional Travel: Through the creation of regional travel routes, the MTCO is

supporting the governments to jointly promote cross-border travel. Route-specific

workshops are held to coordinate the efforts.

Communication Tools

The GMS TWC normally meets twice a year. One meeting is typically held alongside the MTF

when it takes place in one of the GMS countries. The venue of GMS TWC meetings rotates

among the six participating countries. In principle, there are two meetings per year. The

Meeting summary of proceedings can be downloaded from the Mekong Tourism website.




"Tourism Sector Strategy," Mekong Tourism, accessed August 14, 2019,