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Enhancing Public Availability of Customs Information

In the Islamic Countries


Arab Group

16. Within NTFCs, involve the whole trade community in efforts improve public information


17. Mobilize the private sector and fully involve them in developing cost effective solutions

for information availability. The scope of this commitment should be broad, including

traders and import/export professionals to financial services providers.

18. Within the above framework, make full use of ICTs to offer high quality solutions for

reducing informational trade costs. A key development is provision of an integrated TIP

and Single Window system.


Ensure that online solutions provide access to trade-related rules and regulations, as

well as applied fees and duties, and key documents and forms. Ideally, the information

portal should be integrated with an electronic Single Window to provide for online

submission of trade-related documentation, processing of financial transactions, and

inquiries related to trade as well as requests for advance rulings.


Leverage trade agreements to promote increased transparency and technology

upgrading in terms of information availability and automation of border procedures.


Treat the TFA as a minimum benchmark for trade facilitation performance, and focus on

moving closer to global best practice. Key areas for improvement include appeal

procedures and advance rulings, as well as in some cases the user friendliness and

completeness of online resources.

Asian Group


Develop the legal infrastructure required to ensure that all border agencies and

supporting structures are obliged to make coordinated efforts to implement an effective

information system.

23. Within the framework of TFA implementation, work with international agencies like the

World Bank as well as major donors, to leverage international technical assistance and

financial resources to support the use of technology in supporting information


24. Work to develop an integrated TIP and Single Window system. Online information

availability should cover trade-related rules and regulations, applied rates of fees and

duties, and key documents and forms. Integration of the information portal with

transaction processing capabilities should be pursued, as should the use of online

inquiry points, and the use of online forms for submitting requests for advance rulings.


Use the development of an integrated TIP and Single Window environment to ensure

coordination among border agencies and supporting structures to increase the

reliability of the available information.


Demonstrate ambition in scheduling TFA commitments, moving obligations in so far as

possible into Category A or B, and avoiding the deferral of obligations through Category