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The COMCEC Poverty Outlook is a contribution of the COMCEC Coordination Office to enrich the

discussions during the Poverty Alleviation Working Group Meetings.

Poverty Alleviation Working Group is established in accordance with the COMCEC Strategy,

adopted during the 4


Extraordinary Islamic Summit held on 14-15 August 2012 in Makkah Al

Mukarramah. The COMCEC Strategy envisages Poverty Alleviation Working Group Meetings as

one of its instruments for enhancing cooperation towards eradicating extreme poverty and

hunger in the OIC Member Countries. In this respect, Poverty Alleviation Working Group

Meetings aim to provide a regular platform for the member country experts to deliberate on the

issues related to poverty alleviation, and to share their experiences and good practices.

This COMCEC Poverty Outlook 2019 is the Seventh Issue of the COMCEC Poverty Outlook Series

published by COMCEC Coordination Office. In this edition of the Outlook, statistical tables and

figures are updated while in the analysis, various comments which are still valid today are kept


The views expressed and conclusions reached in this publication do not necessarily reflect the

official views of the COMCEC Coordination Office, COMCEC or the governments of OIC Member


For further information please contact:

COMCEC Coordination Office

Necatibey Caddesi No: 110/A

06570 Yücetepe


Phone : 90 312 294 57 10


: 90 312 294 57 77



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