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COMCEC Transport and Communications

Outlook 2019


Table 1: Notable developments and trends in transport industry

Transport Mode

Notable challenges and trends

Transport in general

Increasing international trade

Lack of national policy frameworks

Lack of assured public funding

Need for increased private-sector investments

Aging infrastructure

Environmental effects of transportation

Deregulation and privatization

Oil dependency

Terrorism and security concerns

Maritime transport


Increasing vessel sizes

Rise of international and regional hub ports

Operations of major ports by major shipping lines

Trade with China

Global crisis

Increase of LNG and LPG trade

Air transport

Airline alliances

Inclusion of aviation into EU ETS

Airport privatizations and rise of global airport companies

Air cargo: fast, reliable, and cheaper than before

Rise of low cost carriers

Mergers and acquisitions

Fall of state-owned airlines

Road transport

Increasing greenhouse gas emissions

Congestion in big cities

Emphasis on road safety

Car dependency

Rail transport

Deregulation of rail industry

Implementation of high-speed railway network

Multimodal trade corridors through rail network