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Following the message of H.E. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, H.E. Lütfi

ELVAN, the Minister of Development of the Republic of Turkey, addressed

the meeting.


H.E. ELVAN stated that the target of reaching 20 percent intra-OIC trade

in 2015 as set by the previous OIC Ten-Year Plan of Action was achieved and

even surpassed in 2015. However, the fluctuations in oil prices also had a role

in this achievement.


On the other hand, H.E. ELVAN stated that the share of the OIC Member

Countries in the world trade showed recently a serious decline. OIC Member

Countries had approximately 12 percent share in the world trade in 2012 but

this has dropped to 9.5 percent in 2015. H.E. ELVAN underlined that this

decrease should be considered as an important forewarning for the Member



H.E. ELVAN underlined that the decline in oil prices necessitates the

economic reforms towards reducing the dependence on the exports of limited

number of commodities in the OIC Member Countries. In this regard, the

Member Countries should continue their endeavours towards producing and

exporting manufactured products and high-tech products in the long run.


H.E. ELVAN highlighted the organization of Working Group Meetings

and implementation of projects within the framework of COMCEC Strategy.

He stressed that the Working Group Meetings in six cooperation areas are

suitable platforms for the experts to conduct high level technical debates and to

produce crucial documents like the COMCEC Muslim Friendly Tourism

(MFT) Guideline. He emphasized the importance of these Meetings for sharing

experiences and best practices and approximating policies among the Member

Countries in the long term. He also appreciated the successful implementation

of the 31 projects by the member countries and the OIC institutions since 2013.

He added that 15 more projects are being implemented with more than 45

beneficiary member countries in 2017.


H.E. ELVAN emphasized the importance of well-running transport

corridors as they increase mobility, interconnectivity and bring new investment

opportunities. Accordingly, transport corridors enhance access to goods,

services and facilitate employment. He expressed that designation of

“Improving Transnational Transport Corridors among the OIC Member

Countries” as the theme of exchange of views session of the next COMCEC

Ministerial Meeting is highly pertinent.