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H.E. ELVAN concluded his remarks by wishing that the deliberations

held during the 33


Meeting of the Follow-up Committee of the COMCEC

contribute to peace, prosperity and welfare of the Islamic Ummah.

(The text of the Statement of H.E. Lütfi ELVAN is attached as Annex III.)


The message of H.E. Dr. Yousef Al-OTHAIMEEN the Secretary General

of the OIC, was read out by Mr. Jakhongir KHASANOV from Economic

Affairs Department of the OIC General Secretariat. In his message, H.E. Al-

OTHAIMEEN expressed his deepest appreciation to H.E. Recep Tayyip

ERDOĞAN and the Republic of Turkey for their consistent support for the

OIC in general and for the activities of the COMCEC in particular.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for supporting the on-going efforts

towards consolidating cooperation framework on South-South cooperation for

least developed countries of the OIC. He also stressed the importance of the

activities of OIC organs and institutions towards implementing OIC-2025:

Programme of Action.


H.E. Al-OTHAIMEEN elaborated on the OIC initiatives on harmonizing

policies on infrastructure development and the development of joint integrative







OIC Infrastructure Development and Regional Integration Policy, which is

aimed at harmonizing national efforts of OIC Member States for the

development of regional goods in the domain of agriculture and rural

development, expansion of intra-OIC trade, access to OIC markets and

development of transport networks among OIC member states.

(A copy of the text of the message of H.E. Dr. Yousef A. AL-OTHAIMEEN

is attached as Annex IV.)


The Meeting was addressed by the Head of Delegation of the State of

Palestine. He expressed their thanks and appreciation to the President of the

Republic of Turkey for his enlightening message to the Meeting. He also

thanked the Government of the Republic of Turkey for generous hospitality and

excellent arrangements made for the Meeting. He also commended the

COMCEC Coordination Office for the endeavors for enhancing economic and

commercial cooperation especially through COMCEC Working Groups and

Project Funding Mechanism.

Sideline Event


The 30


Meeting of the Sessional Committee was held on May 9


, 2017.

(Report of the 30


Meeting of the Sessional Committee is attached as

Annex V.)